Another tough one regarding pheromones and human attraction.
Like I said above, I like the concept of using the pickup community as a bunch
of breathing, living journals with people pitching in. But before any of that
can happen, people have to be compelled to post. I would suggest introducing an
incentive to posting FR’s, but that would probably lead to a significant
decrease in quality…I really don’t know what to suggest. Just post more guys
who adore sexual pheromones. Learn more at and  

Thanks for all the super-fantastic comments, guys.

Obviously, I can’t comment on each one personally. But I
have read all of them and they’re all amazing. It’s stuff like this that lets
staff members know what you think and what you want. 
Cause if you tell us what you’d like it to be and we can
actually implement some of the things, then you’ll also be much happier to come
back and learn more effectively or contribute more. Learn more at 

My assumptions were correct that the whole pickup thing is
going down but men still have the same problems they had 10, 15 years ago.

So the question is which pheromones work:

How can we restructure the field report section to still
help guys get laid (and become better men in
the process) and have a location where as many of us contribute as
possible? But there’s a lot of benefits of standing up for yourself a little
bit. “I’m going to choose to eat something else even though you’re eating
that.” I used to care what people think. But then I hit this point where it’s
like you look at the society and you see the habits that most people have, and
it’s due to increased pheromone usage. Okay, that’s super helpful. To our
viewers, don’t worry. We’re going to get back to it. We’ll fix that. But I want
to get sleep in on the conversation. This is another fundamental I think.
Literally every health expert could say, yes, we need to sleep at night. What
happens when we have poor sleep to our hormones and our body? Just in my
experience when I get people to go to bed 9:00 to 10:00 PM, they seem to
recover a lot better. There’s some type of hormonal recycling.

I was in
Botswana for a week on a business trip, mostly working during the day and going
back to the hotel in the evening and learning how to read pheromone users.

night we decided to go out with 5,6 colleagues. One of the guys have been there
multiple times and looks like he has game, he was talking that he fucked many
women there, including miss Botswana. 
So we are
just chilling and having fun in one of the Clubs/Restaurants and this guy
points to 2 women behind me and tells me “the red dress girl is hot”.
I agreed and then he tells me, “you should go talk with her, it is 100%
oportunity for you”. I made a joke that he has been “eye fucking her
for 30 minutes” and now he is suggesting the I should approach them.