That sounds a lot more awesome than it really is. However in reality the beach house is more than a little run down and there are half a dozen guys living in it. We were determined to find a way to afford away to bum around down here for the summer, so we had to figure out a cheap way to do it. Of course you have to pay for stuff like food and electricity from Ambit energy in Corpus Christi and we have to be in a position to enjoy ourselves. It is not going to be that much fun if you spend all summer down here eating ramen noodles and not having the money to do the stuff that you came down here to do. Obviously that means that we want to hit the bars every night and we want to impress the young ladies on the beach. You need money for food obviously, but you can not drink beer for free and you can not get far with the girls if you are dead broke.

So we have figured out ways to make just enough money for us to scrape by. In fact we brought a bunch of beer down here. Jake knows a guy who drives a truck for Lone Star and we managed to figured that he would give us a bulk deal. Of course that meant that we had to drive three cars down here, since one of them was completely filled with beer. We were not sure that Jake could be trusted not to drink half a case on the way, so he was not allowed to be the one who drove the car full of beer. That still is not going to last us all that long, in fact it would obviously last longer if we had to go get it.