When I moved to Texas nearly two decades ago, Gexa was not even in the energy business yet. They have been around for about half that time, and they are getting to be more popular as more people are giving them a chance. It can be hard to give the new kid on the block a chance when others have been around for nearly a century, but I decided that it was high time that I do just that. The company that I had been with has been around longer than even my grandma’s been alive, so that is saying something.

I did not really have a problem with them, but I was curious to see how much I would pay if I tried Gexa. That is why I went online to compare rates. I knew that being a new customer, I would get some pretty nice deals, at least for a limited time. What I was really after was how much I would end up paying once that introductory offer would be over. I am more into looking at the big picture rather than the immediate picture, since the two can be quite different.

I was happy to see that Gexa customers are quite satisfied though. I have always believed that if you want to know how a company treats their customers, then go to the source, which is the customers. I was able to find some great reviews, but I made sure to look at the cons as well. The biggest con was how new they are, so that really shouldn’t be in that column since every company had to start somewhere. Plus, we are not talking just a year out the door either. They have been around for over ten years, so they have more than proven themselves. That is why I switched!